Lynch Group

Special Police Officer Training  - 40 Hours -  $500.00 (License Upon Completion)

S.P.O. Class Course Subjects:

Introduction to Security

Uniform and Appearance

Report Writing

How to Paper a case/ Testifying in court

Bomb Threats & Procedures

D.C. Code

Dealing & Working with Police

O.C. Spray Certification

Expandable Baton Certification

Handcuffing Certification

Initial Firearm Certification  -  $250.00

D.C. SPO FIREARMS RENEWAL  - 8 Hours -  $100.00

0.C. Spray Certification  -  4 Hours -  $75.00

Hand Cuffing Certification -  $75.00

Expandable Baton Certification - $75.00

You can bundle all 3 non-lethal certifications for $175.00

 The D.C. SPO Training Course excepts payment plans.  $250.00 when you register & the remaining $250.00 upon the completion of the class.

When you complete the D.C. SPO Course you will leave us with the following:

D.C.  Special Police License

Baton Certification

O.C. Spray Certification

Hand Cuffing Certification

D.C. MPD Range Qualification

You Can Now Register for these new classes:

D.C. Concealed Carry Class

Utah Concealed Carry Class

M.D.  Handgun Qualification License

CPR/FIRST AID/AED  (American Red Cross)

Please Register at  (301) - 971-7091 or  Submit your registration by completing the contact us form.